Spring Really Starts Sunday

Spring Really Starts Sunday

We're really excited about the arrangements we're bringing you this week. Many of the flowers in this week's bouquets come from our woodland and edge plantings. The big news, of course, is that the Hellebores are ready to head your way!

True to their common name, "Lenten Rose", the Hellebores have been blooming all through Lent. But Hellebores have a secret - if we harvest too early, they won't hold up in a vase. The seed pods in the center of the flower below are what tells us they're ready for harvest.

White hellebore

The curling greenery you'll see stretching out in deliveries this Sunday are another favorite - Hops! Several people commented about these on our Instagram stories - the Hops can last ALL SUMMER if you save them out of your arrangement in a bud vase or even in a beer bottle. Once you see roots established, you can plant the hops in the ground, and then you'll have hops! Next year, they'll be ready for your beer making adventures.

The other flowers in your arrangements this week are a mix of woody ornamentals - Viburnum, Dogwood (pictured above), the earliest of the Mock Orange, a few special surprises from our neighbor Suzanne's farm, and a Maryland favorite: Azaleas. We love all the colors they come in, but for this year, the runaway winners are the pink ones.

David and Lina

PS. As a reminder, all deliveries are door-drop only. When the fulfillment email arrives, it means we're about to walk up to your porch with flowers - if they're a gift, that's the time you should call the recipient and let them know to look outside.