May the Flowers Be With You

May the Flowers Be With You

The cool, rainy April has brought all sorts of goodness into bloom in May. If you’re wondering what that fragrance is, it’s probably the Mock Orange - the flowers are small, and the whole hedge of it smells like magic.


mock orange


Hardy annuals and biennials are starting to bloom in the fields - Orlaya, Sweet William, more Bachelor’s Buttons and the earliest Larkspur.




Because of the cool weather, we’ve also still got a few goodies that are generally done by this time in May: the last ranunculus, for-real-this-time-the-last-hellebores, along with some of the later blooming double azaleas. On that last topic, David collaborated with Debra Prinzing and others on this piece in the Slow Flowers Journal about using azaleas in spring arrangements.



We sometimes update delivery inventory on Saturdays, based on how the harvest goes. If you’re looking for something for that special person and we don’t have a delivery spot, we’d encourage you to try a gift card. Remember, the Zinnias, Jewels of Opar, and Ageratum pictured above (along with over a hundred other varieties) haven’t even started to bloom yet!

David and Lina


PS. Gift cards make a great Mother's Day gift!