A Moment of Quiet

A Moment of Quiet

Hello Flower Friends,

We have been floored by your response to the flowers this season. We’re sold out for the week!

It’s still very early in the season - we had TWO nights of frost this past week, which means only perennials and the hardiest of annuals have started blooming. Rest assured that as the season matures, we’ll be opening up more and more inventory and more delivery slots, and we’ll have bunches at David’s Natural Market soon. We’re out planting every day as the weather warms:


Deliveries this weekend include more of the tulips, hellebores, viburnum, azaleas, and dogwoods from our woodland plantings, one more week of ranunculus from a neighbor’s farm, and the very earliest of hardy annuals.

A final note - there is still plenty of inventory for the remaining 24 weeks of the season, and we’ll keep updating the site as we get closer. Keep those orders coming!

David and Lina